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Since 1979
Company profile VSD Food Machinery
Since 1979
VSD Food Machinery is a trade name of Smokehouse B.V
As an industrial producer of meat, fish, poultry and ready meals in a continuously changing market, you are permanently looking for innovative, tasty products, as well as efficiency and productivity.

Want to turn your ideas into real products? To achieve that goal you need the right equipment and technical know-how.

VSD is specialised in Marination systems such as brine injectors, tumblers, as well smoking-, cooking- and roasting chambers including ovens with belt systems to prepare and expand your innovation? Are you in search of more efficiency from the production of an existing line? Then look further on this website to find out what VSD can do for you

We think with you. You would probably think, "That what they all say" However, I dare state that our machines and our approach differ substantially from our competitors.

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