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Maurer ASR 3637

Basic functions

Cooking, Drying, Smoking, Roasting

Main features

High presure steam heated
Temperature up to 110°C
Suitable for friction smoke
Closed smoke system CSS (option)
Vertical airflow
Relative humidity control
Relative humidity by waterbath
Water drain by siphon
Automatic build-in shower
Automatic built-in CIP
Automatic water level control
Full stainless steel heavy contruction
High quality insulation
Integrated rid-in system (no ramps)
Computer controlled
Prepared for registration system

Technical data



Compressed air ( 6 bar) m³/h 2,5
Water consumption showering (3 bar) m³/h 4,3
Water consumption CIP (3 bar) m³/h 4,3
process air intake Ø mm 150
Process air outlet Ø mm 150
Computer control Maurer

Heating system

High presure steam kg/h 140

Humidity by

Low presure steam kg/h 120
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