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We are specialized in: Smoking, cooking, roast and marinate
We are specialized in: Smoking, Cooking, Roasting and Marination
We are specialized in: Smoking, Cooking, Roasting and Marination
We are specialized in: Smoking, Cooking, Roasting and Marination
An authentic smoky flavor gives your product that extra taste sensation.

Smoking gives products a characteristic flavour. But how do you maintain good ventilation when smoking large volumes? VSD has developed an industrial smoker for various food manufacturers.

Food smoking is an age-old process that initially served to preserve fish and meat. In time, consumers grew to appreciate the characteristic smoky flavour it creates. Therefore, today the process is also used to lend that characteristic flavour to cheese, vegetables, tofu, salt and various beverages, such as whisky and tea (lapsang souchong). 



Traditionally, smoking is done using a smoker. The products are hung in a row, and the smoke carries the solid particles contained in the air (such as tar ) upwards. This is a great method for small-scale smoking. However, the food industry also works with large and sensitive products such as blocks of cheese, fish fillets and fillet steaks. These cannot be suspended upright, but must be laid down on racks. For this reason, VSD has developed a smoker for the food industry that uses a horizontal air flow.


Cheese industry

The smoker with horizontal air flow was originally designed for cheese manufacturers. Cheese is made in large blocks, and these cannot be put upright because that makes them expand sideways and lose their shape. Yet because of the way in which cheese is cut into slices, it is important that it retains its shape.

That is why VSD has developed a smoker for the cheese industry in which the products can be laid flat. This smoker has walls with nozzles that blow smoke across the product. The smoke is expelled at the same speed all throughout the smoker, such that all parts of the product are smoked to the same degree.



The development of such a system invariably presents new challenges. For instance, the sheer amount of tar contained in such a large volume of smoke clumps together and sinks, staining the product. VSD solved this problem by designing special extraction nozzles for the tar. The tar clumps stick to the nozzles, allowing them to be extracted very efficiently. Another challenge is posed by the fact that cheese cannot be heated or it will lose its shape, while smoke naturally adds heat. To counter this, VSD equipped the smoker with a temperature control system. This system prevents the temperature from rising above 15 ˚C.


Sensitive products

The newly-developed smoker can be used for any product that is placed on racks. As such, it is mainly used to smoke vulnerable products such as fish fillet, fillet steaks, and so forth. Because many products are first dried and then smoked, the smoker can both dry and smoke. The machine is also often used for dried specialties such as beef jerky. This type of meat is known among various names around the world, including jerked beef (America), sha kampo (Yak meat from Tibet), Biltong (South Africa) and Tasajo (Central America).

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