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Specialist in boiling, steaming, grilling and Pasteurization: a crispy crust and yet tender inside.
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Local and regional specialties, such as meats, vegetables, lasagne, smoked cheese, peking duck and roasted potatoes, are found all over the world. VSD designs machinery for the industrial-scale production of these products. In other words, machines that can produce the taste and special properties of craftmanship in industrial volumes.

Consumers love to eat traditional products and local delicacies because these products are packed with flavour. For instance, they can be juicy on the inside and have a crispy crust on the outside. Or they have that characteristic smoky flavour. It is not easy to produce these products on an industrial scale, but VSD has specialises in exactly this.

Preserving the flavour

“No mountain is too high for us”, says director Hans Kooij. “Upscaling always brings a number of problems with it. It is our job to provide solutions to these problems. We will keep improving the production process until the final product has the same qualities as the original recipe. Oftentimes, we’re even able to better preserve the pure flavour, surpassing the traditional product. In this way, we arrive at a great product together with the client.”

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