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One of our projects with roasted Peking duck.
The right temparature is very important.

Preparation methods

In upscaling traditional recipes, a manufacturer will always face a number of challenges. The first challenge stems from the fact that traditional recipes do not translate well to large-scale production. A good example of this is smoked cheese. Traditionally, cheese is smoked in a smoker in which the cheeses are hung next to each other. However, industry-size cheeses are larger and have to be laid flat. How can you still get a good smoke distribution in this way? And how do you prevent the tar contained in the smoke from settling on the product? VSD has solved this problem by designing a smoker that uses a horizontal air flow. Special nozzles extract the tar from the air, preventing it from staining the product.


Another challenge is the fact that products are never completely uniform. For instance, one peking duck may just be a little greasier than the next. Cooks have a feeling for this and can make small, manual adjustments to the cooking process as they go. However, industrial products must all be of the same exact quality, so manual fine-tuning of the process is out of the question. That is why VSD’s machines make use of highly advanced measuring equipment. Sometimes, it is technologically impossible to measure a certain parameter, such as core temperature, directly. In such a case, the equipment measures other data that can be used by software to calculate the core temperature. Based on the measured data, the cooking process is continually adjusted as needed. The final product will always be of the same quality because of this.

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