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One of our projects with roasted Peking duck.

Grilling makes for crispy crusts, while steaming gets products nicely cooked. VSD knows how to find the right combination of grilling and steaming for every product. In this way, products as varied as peking duck, roasted vegetables and potatoes, meat and meat products can be given a unique character.

The combination of grilling and steaming is a special skill. Each product has its own specific properties and every client has their own specific wishes. Spare ribs, for instance, need a crispy skin to look sufficiently fresh, and on the inside, they need to be cooked to a particular degree. Some clients want the meat to be so well-done as to fall off the bone, while others want to offer their consumers meat that has to be gnawed off. On the other hand, for convenience products such as meatballs and lasagne, it is important that the crust is only slightly crispy and does not come loose from the rest of the product.


Perfect mix

VSD specialises in developing ovens that grill products (using dry air) as well as steam them (using moist air). This process is challenging because a perfect balance has to be found between dry and moist. The dry air makes the crust nice and crispy, but too much dry air causes the juices to evaporate. Conversely, moist air allows the product to be thoroughly cooked and lends it some extra zest, but too much of it makes the crust soggy and soft. VSD has designed software with which it can very precisely control the moisture level and make small adjustments where needed. It is also important that the dry air has a high temperature, because the crust’s crispiness is determined by the temperature difference between the product and the surrounding air. VSD’s ovens can heat air up to a temperature of 280 ˚C.


Chinese cook

VSD has supplied its ovens to many different food manufacturers. A good example of this is the culinary series developed by VSD for peking duck.

VSD started developing this series after receiving a request from a Chinese cook who specialised in the large-scale preparation of peking duck and wished to industrialise this process. VSD’s experts journeyed to Asia to analyse the production process together with the cook and determine what defines a well-made product. They reached the joint conclusion that the skin has to be so crispy that it comes loose, seeing as the skin of peking duck is considered a delicacy. Furthermore, the meat has to have a good colour. Together, the Chinese cook and VSD’s experts discovered the right balance between dry and moist air.



In developing the peking duck oven, VSD encountered a new challenge: duck contains a lot of grease that drips down during roasting. In ovens, this constitutes a fire hazard. As a solution, VSD developed a system that collects the grease and removes it from the oven immediately. It is then stored in a grease trap or in barrels so it can be reused by the food industry and for the production of biofuel.



By now, VSD has accumulated a wealth of experience when it comes to cooking, steaming, pasteurising and grilling a highly diverse range of products. Furthermore, the company has built a database over the years containing all the different recipes and their corresponding programs. This allows VSD to advise its clients even in the development of new products. VSD’s programs provide a solid basis, and the client makes the final tweaks that allow them to perfect their end product.

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