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Make double profit with bacon

Make double profit with bacon

Traditionally, bacon is not smoked much. However, the demand for it is increasing. Especially in England and Ireland, it is very popular. But smoking bacon is very work and time-consuming. In terms of price, the product is under pressure. A good reason for VSD to get started!

"We want to smoke bacon quickly and evenly”, explains director Hans Kooij. “In this way the meat keeps its flavor and throughout it gets a uniform color. Our drying and smokehouses for bacon not only provide immediate time savings, but also a better efficiency."

Shorter drying time

Bacon is often produced in large batches, causing heavy loaded smoke trolleys going into the smokehouses. "Therefore, a good drying ability of the installations is utterly important”, Kooij explains. "Our smokehouses have an optimal air distribution, a high drying capacity and an optimal temperature and humidity control (RF). As a result, the drying time can often be shortened compared with our competitors. And that makes again a higher output with a better overall performance."

Various smoking methods

Kooij adds, in conclusion: "VSD has different home smoking methods, such as smoking with sawdust and wood chips from 1 to 12 mm. Other options are friction smoke and liquid smoke. The latter is sometimes referred to as smoking with a smoke condensate. We are pleased to give you advice on what is the best solution for your specific situation!"


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