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New trend: pulled pork, chicken and beef

New trend: pulled pork, chicken and beef

It comes from The States and has already reached many Dutch restaurants: pulled pork, chicken and beef. Even supermarkets and McDonald’s offer this slowly cooked delicacy. And no wonder, the tender meat can be combined easily and is surprisingly tasty.

In The States they know pulled pork for years. They usually cook a piece of shoulder or neck on large barbecues, smokers, at a low temperature. When it is thoroughly smoked, it can be pulled apart. Although pulled pork can be eaten in many ways, it is traditionally served on a white roll with some coleslaw and a sauce.

Color and flavor

Many producers cook the meat in a gut and add a smoky flavor. But that does not always lead to the best result. For pulled pork, chicken and beef, it is important that the meat is smoked and cooked with a delicious smoky flavor. The color of the meat must be nice if it is you see a pink ring just under the surface crust also called the smoke ring. This ring proves the meat is traditionally smoked.  

Special smoke-boxes

VSD has developed smokehouses for the smoking and cooking of pulled pork. Importantly, they can imitate the effect of such great American barbecue which resulst in a beautiful pink ring (smoke ring). If you already have a VSD smokehouse, you can let it convert if necessary. Please ask about the possibilities.


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