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Inject Star Brine Injector type BI-20

Basic functions

Injection of meat, fish and poultry with or without bones. Option for steaken with knifes 

Main features

Capacity up to 1500 KG/H

Stainless steel construction

Stainless steel conveyor belt

Number of needles max. 20

Needle thickness 4mm (to be discussed)

Build-in impeller pump

Injection amount 5 - 40%

Brine pressure adjustable 1 - 4 bar

Conveyor belt walking beam adjustable

Number of strokes max. 40 per/min

Operation by push buttons

Working weight 250mm

Clearance max. 220mm

Filter- system
1x Suction filter
2x Filter tray
1x Pressure filter
1x Filter bag


Dimensions and weight

Width: 550mm

Length: 1690mm

Height: 2100mm

Weight: 220KG


Make: Inject Star

Type: BI-20

Power: 400V- 50HZ- 2,0kW

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