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Basic functions

Cooking, baking, drying, smoking 

Main features

5 (PCS) available

2 Wagon room: (2x) 100x100x200 cm
Heating: gas or electrical (63 kW)
Temperature: up to 160°C
Door stop: left-hinged
Air circulation: vertical
Humidification: by means of water atomization
Self-cleaning: CIP automatic cleaning system.
Control: TOCUH SCREEN 7" Inch (10,4 option)
Smoke generator: VSD type G-300, HR-501 or Easy-smoke liquid smoke
Smoke system: Open, closed and/or ESS Eco Smoke System


Remark year of manufacture 2018


Width: 158cm, excl. rookgenerator

Depth: 244cm

Height: 365cm 

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